YPA (Your Personal Assistant) is an innovative solution developed to optimize communication between patients and the medical office. When patients set up their appointments with medical office, a day before their actual appointment date, YPA will remind patient for his/her upcoming appointment by calling their registered home/personal telephone. It will also ensure that all information related to preparation for his/her appointment is conveyed properly. For example if patients need any preparations for medical test during appointment, YPA will deliver all required details about preparations and any prerequisites for this appointment. In case there is no answer from patient’s phone number, YPA will record a brief message about the appointment with notice to callback at specific number.  Subsequently, when patients call this number, system conveys required information to the patients.

YPA does not require any extra telecommunication network; it will use existing telephone lines already available in the office. The default language of YPA is English but it can be delivered in any language required by the client.


Basic Features

  • Complete patient's privacy.                            
  • Incoming calls responder
  • Message delivery from medical office
  • Option for custom language
  • Decreases no shows and cancellations
  • Increase productivity of staff
  • Unlimited daily reminders
  • No extra telephone charges
  • Locally installed in medical office
  • Networkable with CanHelp systems